PRP 3360 - Placement Testing for Developmental Courses

PRP 3360 - Placement Testing for Developmental Courses

Issued by: Wilson G. Bradshaw, Provost and VPAA

Effective Date: Fall, 1998

Notes: Approved by BUCC, 2/1/88. Reviewed by President's Cabinet, 3/18/88. Presented to University Forum for information. Revised by BUCC March 4, 1998. Presented to University Forum 3/18/98 for information purposes only.

This policy applies to testing that is not a part of course requirements.

Students will be selected for and administered placement tests prior to matriculation based upon their predicted freshman year grade point average (G.P.A.). A predicted freshman year G.P.A. is calculated by the Office of Admissions for each new freshman at the time of application using the high school class rank, SAT Verbal and SAT Math scores. New freshmen with a predicted G.P.A. less than 2.25 will be given placement testing. The specific area(s) of placement testing (mathematics, reading, writing) will be determined by the pattern of SAT scores and high school achievement. Students selectively low in one of the admission testing areas (e.g., below SAT Math of 470, SAT Verbal of 480) will have placement testing in areas which are selectively weak.

Depending on the results of the review of the academic record and the placement test scores, an individualized program including a developmental course(s) may be prescribed. The guidelines for developmental course placement are established by the Department of Developmental Instruction, the Department of English and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. The Director of Academic Advisement will provide each student who has been administered a placement test(s) with a report indicating the prescribed program. A copy of this information will also be sent to the student's academic department. If a student is identified for and is placed in a developmental course(s) during the first semester (Fall or Spring) of attendance, the course(s) is considered a prerequisite before additional courses for credit toward the degree can be taken in corresponding areas (Writing II for English Composition I and Introductory or Intermediate Algebra for all courses that meet the quantitative-analytical reasoning general education requirements). This requirement also applies to summer freshmen during their first academic year semester of attendance. Developmental courses will be provided for all identified ACT 101/EOP freshmen and for other identified freshmen based upon the available seats in the Department of Developmental Instruction courses.