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PASSHE interim chancellor meets BU students

The interim chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education had one simple message for Bloomsburg University students. "My commitment is for every one of our students to graduate and have a plan after they graduate," said Whitney.

As part of a tour of all the institutions, Chancellor Karen Whitney listened to feedback about the state of education at Bloomsburg from student leaders. It was a chance for students to share their thoughts with hopes of impacting meaningful change. This tour also gave the chancellor an opportunity to talk to faculty members to hear some of the challenges universities face. Those challenges include long term decreasing financial support from the state. State institutions have also faced dwindling enrollment due to a shrinking pool of high school graduates. This all has a negative affect on sustainability.

Interim Chancellor Karen Whitney

Alina Fernandez speaks at Bloomsburg Univeristy

A woman too familiar with the Castro regime in Cuba continues to speak critically of her home country. Alina Fernandez, the daughter of former Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro spoke to Bloomsburg University students this evening about her experience and hope for the future of Cuba.

The University's Multicultural Center is celebrating a 'week of pride.' To kick it off Fernandez was the first speaker as they celebrate October as Hispanic Heritage Month. In a crowd of hundreds students and the community gathered in Carver Hall as eyes are on Alina Fernandez.

As her speak went on she got deeper into her life as a Cuban, daughter of the President, and a defector of her country. At age 37, in 1993, she fled Cuba with a wig and a fake name. She currently lives in Miami, FL. "It's just very eye opening how we read about how things in history books, but like, people are really affected by this," said Carlos Mendoza. ̶ WBRE/WYOU TV-News


Alina Fernandez

Vietnam Veteran Gives Back to Bloomsburg University

Fifty years have passed since Blaine Cooper returned home from the Vietnam War. Pictures of Cooper's experiences before, during, and after the war were recently unveiled and dedicated to Bloomsburg University. This project was nearly two years in the making.

"This was one of the highlights of my time here at Bloomsburg University, and it was mentally enjoyable both professionally and personally," said Professor David Fazzino, who worked with Cooper on the project. Cooper admittedly suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, so the process of going through all of the pictures was very difficult.

"I lost quite a few friends over there and a couple of people I went to school with," Cooper said. "It was tough." ̶ WNEP TV-News



Bloomsburg University celebrates largest capital campaign

Bloomsburg University is celebrating the success of their largest ever capital campaign. The "It's Personal" capital campaign was a seven year fundraising effort which helped the university achieve more than $62 million.

The school received 137 new scholarships which impacted more than 8,000 students. In addition, they added nine new professional internships and fellowships, as well as eleven professional experience grants. Faculty and students say they're grateful for all of the contributions to help make Bloomsburg University great.

"It's nice to know we have so many people that care about this institution who had a great experience here and who want to support students and faculty," says Erik Evans, Vice President for Advancement. ̶ WBRE/WYOU TV-News


It's Personal Campaign

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