General Education Council

General Education Council

General Education A general education is the result of the entire university experience. It should assure broad exposure to areas of study beyond the major to foster a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the world, its possibilities, and the individual’s part in it.

BU's General Education program, based on acquiring skills, knowledge, and cultural awareness, will help develop each student’s ability to think critically and communicate clearly.

This council is responsible for:

  • Developing guidelines for proposing General Education Points within a course or co-curricular learning experience. These guidelines are to be submitted to the BUCC for approval.
  • Providing guidance for the preparation of proposals.
  • Making recommendations to the BUCC concerning proposals for general education course and co-curricular learning experiences.
  • Conducting an annual review of the entire General Education program. Each goal of general education will be reviewed in detail every five years and as necessary.

General Education Guidelines

The General Education Council Guidelines are documents intended to help faculty, departments, student affairs personnel, and others prepare courses and co curricular learning experiences for general education points in the MyCore General Education Program. The Guidelines support current policies and are intended to give proposal preparers suggestions of best practices at the current time. The Guidelines will be periodically updated and are open for discussion. Please tell the General Education Council about any concerns you may have. β€” GEC Guidelines for credit-bearing courses. CLE Guidelines for non-credit bearing courses.