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Department of Finance

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Bloomsburg University's Department of Finance offers undergraduate programs in finance, leading to a B.S.B.A. The department seeks to blend its diverse strengths by offering state of the art programs in Finance. It seeks to provide a model education, which will inspire its majors, encourage life-long learning, and intrigue those students who seek minors in business.

AACSB Accreditation

It postulates that while most of its graduates will initially seek employment in business fields, many will eventually seek post-graduate education and others will enter public administration, government and other professions as well seeking further certifications in business and finance (e.g., certified financial planner).

Our students are taught by professionals who are active in their academic and professional fields, integrating their scholarly activities with the classroom and positioning themselves as mentors capable of giving guidance and recommendations to our students entering the increasingly competitive global market of the 21st century. A test of our success is how widely known and approved of our program is through the reputation of our graduates who venture forth from Bloomsburg into the wider world.

Planning a Visit?

Bloomsburg's open house programs include sessions with departments to meet and learn about program specifics from department representatives. If you're planning a visit on your own, you can arrange a personal meeting with a professor to ask questions and get detailed information about our program and the Zeigler College of Business. Contact our department to schedule an appointment.