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Faculty Scholarship

Jesús Salas-Elorza

Jesús Salas-Elorza, professor of Spanish of the Department of Languages and Cultures. Translation of the collection of poems title Mall by the Venezuelan poet Julieta León in collaboration with River Poets of the town of Bloomsburg was published in its second translated edition, April 2017, by Adoro Leer at Create Space. Born in 1949 in Caracas, Venezuela, León studied music and piano, for many years, in the academy Juan Manuel Olivares; made sculpture and worked ceramics in the Fire Arts Workshop.

Ferda Asya

Ferda Asya, Ph.D., professor of English, presented a paper, titled “From Wharton to White: Paris in Focus and Flux in Expatriate Writing,” at the American Literature Association (ALA) Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, on 28 May 2017. The American Literature Association is committed to exploring the richness and diversity of American writing and welcomes all forms of scholarship. It is not limited to any specific critical methodology or dogma.

Joseph L. Andreacci

Joseph L. Andreacci, professor of Exercise Science, and Luke Haile, assistant professor of Exercise Science, along with former student Cody Croall, MS ’17, are authors on the manuscript entitled, “The Relationship between Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Bone Health in College-Aged Men.” Which appears in the October issue of Journal of Exercise Physiology Online.