A self-directed, liberating educational experience

Distance Education

A self-directed, liberating educational experience

Distance Education at Bloomsburg University provides an alternative method for learners to receive a high-quality education off campus with a flexible program that responds to the demands of a rapidly changing job market and shifting demographics. BU's distance education faculty incorporate the latest technologies into their courses to foster a rich learning environment, develop critical thinking skills that produce lifelong learners and help students grow into well-informed citizens.

"The graduate nursing instructors have a special understanding for what it takes to be a non-traditional student in a demanding profession. I love the recorded lectures on Wimba that I can download to my phone and re-play while I am commuting," — Roxann Shiber, student.

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If you are student or state agency who would like to inquire about BU's distance education courses and programs, please contact Tom Fletcher, associate VP and dean of extended programs, at tfletche@bloomu.edu or 570-389-5161.

Student Complaint Process

The new System Procedure/Standard 2016-26, Student Complaint Process, has been finalized and is now posted on the PASSHE website, available for your use.

A link to the Student Complaint Process and the Student Complaint Form are easily accessible at www.passhe.edu/studentcomplaints.