Dean of Students Resources

Dean of Students Resources

Personal Development Workshops

In order to help students transition and become more well-rounded civic-minded members of the community, The Dean of Students Office may require students to complete a Personal Development Workshop in order to satisfy probation sanctions.

Generally, students will be required to complete two Personal Development Workshops.

Students are often assigned specific workshops they must complete, per their probation sanctions. The assigned workshops can be located on the student’s probation letter. The assigned workshops can be found on the list below. Students are sometimes given the individual option of picking which workshops to complete. If a student’s probation letter does not indicate specific workshops; students can choose two separate workshops from the list below to complete.

Additionally, if you plan to attend or participate in a BU-sponsored program, workshop, or event and feel it would count towards a Personal Development Workshop please contact a staff member if the Dean of Students Office for prior approval.

Growing Pains Workshops

Growing Pains workshops may count as a student’s, “Personal Development” requirements. Students may choose to participate in the online workshops that are completed independently or students may choose to participate in a more hands-on in-person workshop or speaker. The following are considered “Growing Pains Workshops”:

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

The Office of the Dean of Students is offering one personal development workshop credit to students who attend any program (presentation and/or workshop) sponsored by the CDI (which currently includes: International Education Services, Military and Veterans Resources, Cultural Affairs and Support Services, The Multicultural Center, LGBTQA Resource Center and the Women’s Resource Center). Additionally, you must complete a one-page reflection paper and meet with one of our graduate assistants for credit.

This opportunity is ONLY available to students who are sanctioned through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Online Sanctioned Workshops

Choices and Decision Making

This is an interactive, group discussion type program designed specifically for students on a University sanction. Students participating in this program must come prepared to interact. The overall purpose of the program is to communicate with your peers on a variety of college decision related issues and learn about factors that influence your own decision making.

A brief, written reflection is collected from each student at the end of the program. This program is offered several times throughout each semester. Since space is limited, seating is filled on a first-come first-served basis. It's vital that to ensure a timely release from probation, this requirement be completed as early as possible.

If you have scheduled for this program and cannot attend, please notify the Dean of Students office at 570-389-4734 as soon as possible. Missing a meeting you commit to may result in added sanctions. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Probation Meetings

Typically, students will have a total of three meetings with the Dean of Students Office. When students receive a longer probationary period, they may have multiple meetings. It's essential that when you are contacted for these meetings, you schedule and attend as soon as possible. Many times, students have the ability to be released from probation early. However, this only occurs when students maintain sanction compliance in a timely manner.

Probation is usually designed with three meetings over the course of your period. The first meeting is held to determine whether a violation of the student Code of Conduct was made. After this is settled between you and a representative of Judical Affairs, your probation period will begin. About halfway through probation, you will have a mid-point meeting with a member of staff. This is usually a good time to have any mandated workshops completed (ie. YOP, Alcohol Level I or II, DAWN Assessment). Your final probation meeting will occur after you submit an exit letter to the Dean of Students Office.

The release letter should be the final sanction completed because it is designed to be a reflective tool where you are asked to reflect on your probation period and how it has affected you. When you come to this final meeting, it is important to bring any other sanction requirement with you. Most times, but not always, this includes community service. After your final meeting, you folder will be reviewed one last time to ensure all sanction requirements are met and you will receive written verification of your completion and release from probation.


In the event of damage to your dorm room, University property or damage to someone else's property, restitution may be mandated as part of your sanction compliance. If damage occurs on University property, the amount to be paid back will be applied to your tuition bill. If you have any questions about this sanction, please contact Donald Young.