Act 101/Educational Opportunity Program

Act 101/Educational Opportunity Program

Act 101/EOP Contacts

Director of Access and Success and Act 101/EOP
  Chigozie Achebe, Ed.D. |
Assistant Director, Act 101/EOP
  Barbara Benner, M.S. |
Assistant Professor and Non-Teaching Faculty Advisor
  Brian Johnson, Ph.D. |
Act Now For Success Coordinator
  Luke Betley, M.Ed. |
Director, University Tutorial Services
  Karen Hamman, D.Ed. |
Chairperson, Academic Enrichment
  John Barrett, MFA/MA |
Department Secretary
  Lisa Clippinger |
Department Secretary
  Aileen Pham |

Act 101/EOP Office
40 Student Services Center

Bloomsburg University’s Act 101/Educational Opportunity Program, coordinated through the Department of Academic Enrichment, provides support and opportunities for success to students traditionally under-represented in higher education.

Act 101 provides access to higher education and support for highly motivated students who exhibit the potential for success, but who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and lack the educational preparation necessary to be admitted to Bloomsburg University.

Going from “Great to Greater”

Act 101 Breakfast Event

A group of Act 101/EOP students recently traveled to York College to hear its president speak on her journey from research scientist in health sciences to administrator in higher education.

Pamela Gunter-Smith, who previously held academic positions at George Washington University and the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, presented “Great to Greater” for the American Council on Education Pennsylvania’s Women’s Network of Central Pennsylvania Breakfast event.

“Her message to women was very powerful, as she explained her triumphs throughout her life and how she never gave up,” said Ty-nia Dorsey, sophomore. “Her confidence gave me some sort of inspiration for myself. With us being part of the minority and women it is hard to succeed in the fields we want to be in. She never gave up and not only did she succeed but she became a leader.”

A scientist and educator, Gunter-Smith has served on numerous committees that address science education and the underrepresentation of minorities in science. These include review panels for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

“She had people backing her ever since she was born and she was able to graduate and get her masters and Ph.D.,” said Naiya Brown, a junior psychology major pursuing a minor in communication studies. “She took chances and valued every opportunity that came her way! She is my motivation and if she can accomplish her goals and work hard, then I'll be next in a couple of years!”